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262-49, Norfolk Study Group #1, 7/9/33

(Q) [303]: What is the significance of my dream about two weeks ago, in which Mr. 

Cayce was watching clouds come together, expecting something unusual - and when they 

met, crystals came down like fireworks?
(A) This is a vision that will come to the body again, and with same will come an 

awakening as to the import of the vision.

2329-3, Female 42, 5/1/41

(Q) How may I bring about greater emotional stability?

(A) As the body-mind entertains and enters into the raising of the kundalini influence 
through the body, surround self with the light of the Christ-Consciousness, - by thought, 

by word of mouth, by impressing it upon self. And in that light there may be never any 

harm to self or to the emotions of the body, or any fear of the mental and spiritual self 
being entertained or used by the dark influence.

69-2, Female 48, 10/22/29

(Q) What is the peculiar sensation felt in left temple?

(A) Psychic forces as applied to the expression of self, related to those nerves as find 

expression through that portion of the body. The tingling as is caused is the response of 
the cerebro-spinal with the sympathetic, and the body may consciously or unconsciously 

PRODUCE that of a voluntary or an involuntary reaction, and may MAKE this acute by 

continuing holding same before self, or relieve self by holding the positiveness of self's 

ability to control self's emotions.

281-27, “Glad Helpers” Prayer Group, 6/11/36

(Q) [585]: Please explain just what took place the night I heard what sounded like a large 

top spinning - felt a strong vibration sweep through my body and when I spoke saw a 

bluish spark close to the top of my head and it felt like electricity.

(A) As hath been indicated for the group, for members of same, there is that line, that 
connection, that point of contact in the body-physical to the spiritual forces as manifest 

through same. There are the centers of the body through which contacts are made, or are 

physically active, that at times, at all times, produce a sound. It may not be heard, it may 

not be always experienced by the individual, but finds expression in emotions of varied 
centers, varied characters. Thus the experience is that of the broader contact. Thus there 

are the vibrations of the electrical energies of the body, for Life itself is electrical - it 

manifests itself in its contacts in a physical being in much the same manner. Thus the 

experience in self of the emotions-physical being contacted by emotions-spiritual 
manifesting in the body.

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