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1151-16, Male 49, 7/6/38

(Q) Have you any suggestions as to diet or improvement at this time?

(A) If the constructive attitudes are kept, and the greater and greater dependence is upon 

the voice within for the direction in physical as well as in mental and material ways and 
activities, then greater and greater may be the efficiency of the body physically and 


1523-15, Female 33, 4/28/42

(Q) Please explain the following experience: When taking a Castor Oil Pack, as I dozed, I 

began to feel paralyzed, unable to move, speak or hardly breathe. At first I fought against 
it, - as I relaxed I began to feel as though I was moving into space, and that I had great 

power concentrated in my eyes. Talked with my father, knowing I had the power to 

influence him to do what I felt was best, yet knowing I should not. A dog sat beside him 
and then came toward me as if hypnotized, powerless to stop even when we both 

commanded him to stop. Then I was home and saw the scraps of bacon in the skillet 

multiplying and growing - recognized the growth as manna known to the children of 

Israel, which I could pick up in my left hand, but vanished when I touched it with my 
forefinger and thumb or my right hand. Felt elated that I could describe manna to the 

Tuesday night group. [See dream in detail, 1523-15, Par. R1.]

(A) This was an inter-between emotion, or - as indicated - a partial psychic experience.

Consider that which takes place from the use of the oil pack and its influence upon the 

body, and something of the emotion experienced may be partially understood.

Oil is that which constitutes, in a form, the nature of activity between the functionings of 

the organs of the system; as related to activity. Much in the same manner as upon an 

inanimate object it acts as a limbering agent, or allowing movement, motion, as may be 
had by the attempt to move a hinge, a wrench, a center, or that movement of an inanimate 

machinery motion. This is the same effect had upon that which is now animated by spirit. 

This movement, then, was the reflection of the abilities of the spiritual of ANIMATE 

activity as controlled through the emotions of mind, or the activity of mind between spirit 
AND matter.

This was a vision, see?
10. (Q) Should I allow this to happen, or fight against it?

(A) Depends on whether you know what you want to do with it or not! This is where 

individuals not able to control are apt to allow other forces to control them. Read the 

description and understand what's taking place. If there is the desire that the spirit of 
truth, the Master, direct, - then there may be gained an understanding of the relationships 

between spirit and matter. If there is the desire that the masterfulness of self be 

experienced, or a domination for self - as experienced over not only the lower kingdom 

but of the higher kingdom or if there is the desire for self-indulgence, or for mental 
exploration into the unknown, you'll find it - but it may make self unknown to the better 

interests of self. Hence it must be used properly, correctly. Pray about it.

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