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262-40, Norfolk Study Group #1, 3/5/33

Then, those conditions that may arise in the experience of each, there may be 

enlightenment to self in those manners that will enable each to expand in words and in 

act, and indeed become the more aware, the more conscious.

For, as is and should be recognized in each, the contending forces that are within man as 

his individuality and personality (for a name) are that as self has builded, or that builded 

and the spirit of the living influence or life itself.

And these, then, made more and more aware that, “My life, my activities, my thoughts, 

my meditation, must be more and more in accord with the will of the Father.” For in 

such, through such, does the individual, the entity, the soul, the individuality of an entity, 
become more godlike, less of self, less of the carnal influence may bear upon the 

activities of an individual, an entity, in this material plane.

Then, the activities of the will, the consciousness, the various terms that have been and 

are applied to the manner of expression in consciousness, are the basic thoughts, the basic 

activities through which each should prepare themselves for the abilities, for the 

activating forces that may assist them in giving that they must experience in their 
individual consciousnesses, as to how they may be expressed that others may gain a 

greater concept of the oneness of the Father in the material plane..

(Q) [303]: One night some weeks ago I saw floating above my head in space an 
exceedingly bright sphere or planet. It seemed to be moving within itself as well as 

through space. Please interpret this to me.

(A) As given, this group, these individuals, varied individuals, are reaching that period, 

that place in their experience, where signs, where activities within self, the 
consciousnesses within self, become more and more aware of the very lessons, the very 

truths that are being given out, that are to be made manifest in the experiences of selves 

and in the lives and experiences of others.

So, in the vision seen, it is the world without and the world within - their movements as 

one coordinating with the other, the brightness of the orb itself as reflecting that which is 

the movement within self, that makes for the shedding abroad of the light, the 

understanding, the enlightenment that is obtained from within.

Well was it said by Him, “Ye do not light a light to put it under a bushel.”

In this same manner that is experienced in self, when there is that consciousness within of 
being more and more in accord with the light that shineth even unto the darkness, though 

there may come strifes, though there may come disappointments, though there may come 

turmoils from without and from within, yet His peace maketh for a harmony - with that 

cooperation of the personality, the individuality; or self and thy God.

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