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262-85, Norfolk Study Group #1, 7/21/35

(Q) [585]: Please explain the experience I had on the morning of July 17th, in which I 

saw a pyramid of smoke over my head and then a burning bush within. What do these 

symbols mean?
(A) The awakening to that as must be a portion of the experience necessary for the full 

cleansing, the full awakening to the possibilities that lie within.

How hath He given that ye shall be purged? Even as by fire. This, to be sure, then, is 
emblematical; that thy service may rise as sweet incense from the altar of service in 


So long as ye look upon a service done, a good deed, as a lesson, as a duty, as a service, 
so long are ye subject to same.

When to do good is the joy, when to deny self is a pleasure, THEN thou wilt know the I 
AM is awakened within.

262-53, Norfolk Study Group #1, 9/3/33

(Q) [993]: Please explain my recent experiences of waking and being conscious of 

praying that “God have mercy on us all.”

(A) As the consciousness of the position of the world and those about the body is made 
more and more in accord with His will, the experiences even as He had - as He wept over 

Jerusalem - become the experiences of His children. Read there, then, that which caused 

this feeling of the Master to give forth those expressions even as He did in the presence 

of His disciples. And there will come to self, through this meditation, through this 
concentrating in self, and consecration of self to His service, that understanding.

5470-1, Adult Female, 9/9/31

There needs be that the mental BODY understand or experience that awakening within, 

that the body experience the knowledge and an understanding of the relationships 

between the mental, the physical, and the spiritual body.

In physical forces, or THROUGH these channels, there have been builded fears, 

disappointments, and such relations, bringing to the body those ills incident to such 

conditions. This, in its final analysis, is the lack of faith, hope, and the inability of the 
body to do WITH pleasure those things it finds hard to do. Hence there is too great a 

tendency for self-aggrandizement. This must eventually bring its own reward, as would 

those elements that awaken the spiritual and mental forces of the body, in the final 

analysis, bring to the physical body THEIR own results, from the use of, the applying of, 
its tenets (those spiritual truths) in the activities of the body itself.

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