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Introduction 11 

Translation 22 

Chapter I. The ritual of the four world-quarters 22 

Chapter II The rise of Hunac Ceel to power 24 

Chapter III. A prophecy for Katun 11 Ahau 30 

Chapter IV. The building of the mounds 32 

Chapter V. Memoranda concerning the history of Yucatan 33 

Chapter VI. Notes on the calendar 35 

Chapter VII. The armorial bearings of Yucatan 39 

Chapter VIII. Notes on astronomy 40 

Chapter IX. The interrogation of the chiefs 42 

Chapter X. The creation of the world 51 

Chapter X1. The rituals of the angels 55 

Chapter XII. A song of the Itź 60 

Chapter XIII. The creation of the uinal 61 

Chapter XIV. A history of the Spanish Conquest 64 

Chapter XV. The prophecy of Chilam Balam and the story of Antonio Martinez 65 

Chapter XVI. A chapter of questions and answers 67 

Chapter XVII. An incantation 71 

Chapter XVIII. A series of katun-prophecies 72 

Chapter XIX. The first chronicle 74 

Chapter XX. The second chronicle 77

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