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When you are channeling another entity, the HS will be the switchboard that brings in the entity or gives 
permission to the entity to come through and communicate.

Q: Is the Higher Self energy then blended with the spirit guide who is speaking through you?

Yes. The entity's energy is funneled through the Higher Self. I describe the process as follows: I go into the 

altered state. The personality I know of as Lyssa goes to sleep in the back sleep. My HS is the driver of the car. 
The entity is a passenger in the front seat. The HS drives the car and guides the channeling experience. The 
entity is the navigator. It is a cooperative process between the Higher Self and the entity. So, when the entity 

comes through, it is blending of both.

Q: What if two different channels channel the same energy? Will the channeled entity have the same 

Yes, but there may be subtle differences. I've channeled Bashar (who is primarily channeled by Darryl Anka). 

The Bashar that comes through me and the Bashar that comes through Darryl are noticeably the same entity. 
However, the subtle aspects of the entity are colored by either my Higher Self or Darryl's. There have been 
interesting things that have happened. Darryl and I have both channeled Bashar and channeled the same 

information within the span of a couple of days, not knowing what came through the other channel. There is 
indeed a sense of continuity between us.

Q: Could you describe your unique form of channeling?

I do a form of channeling that I call semiconscious channeling. This means that I do go into an altered state, 

but I do not leave my body. It feels like I am asleep and dreaming. My eyes are usually closed, and my speech 
patterns slightly change. When I awaken, I may or may not remember what was said. Sometimes I have my 
own experiences or teachings given to me while the guides are speaking to the audience. I usually only 

remember about 50% of the material. If I do not discuss it after the session, it fades from my memory much a 
like a dream would fade as we busy ourselves with our daily lives.

Before we close the interview I would like to stress again that it doesn't matter whether a channel chooses to do 

conscious, semiconscious, or unconscious channeling. All forms can produce clear and profound channelings. 
The most important key is the quality of the channel as a person and as a vehicle. In choosing a channel, you 

must ask yourself questions such as the following:

What is the channel's personal life like? Does the channel walk his talk?

How clear is the channel in his/her waking state? Does he/she create a lot of chaos in life or is the channel a
relatively balanced individual?

 Does the channel deal with the basics of 3D life on Earth easily or is he/she seeking to escape from this 

 Is the channel or channeled entity subtly or blatantly telling you that he/she has the only truth and that you 

must follow it in order to be "saved"?

These questions and more will open a window into the quality of the channel and the channelings. Do not be 
afraid to use discernment (rather than judgment) when looking for a channel who gives clear and useful 

information. There are different styles for everyone. Keep looking until you find the right channel for you.

If you approach channeling with an open heart and mind it can be amazingly rewarding. Keep in mind that 
most channels are not providing this service to prove anything. Since channeling cannot be "proven" it is 
ridiculous to try to use it as a method of validation. Instead, it is meant to be a spiritual service that leads an 

individual back to the God within.

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