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was hovering. Every once in a while it would make some angular movements that no aircraft can make. It was 
very overcast because it was snowing, so it had to be something very close.

When I called my family to the window, they witnessed it as well. By the time they got to the window it began to 

release something that looked like a teardrop of fire from it. It fell toward the ground. When I opened the door 
I heard a very unusual sound like a whine that started low in pitch and then went higher in pitch and intensity 

until it disappeared.

I was only 18 at the time and I desperately wanted to go out into the forest to see it. I had no fear at all. I was so 

excited. My father would not let me go to investigate. There was no noise that would even come close to a 
conventional aircraft. The area in which I grew up, in New Hampshire, was known for its UFO activity. This 

really left an impact on me.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone who wishes to develop their channeling abilities?

The number one thing that channeling will do for you is accelerate your personal growth. So, be prepared! If 
you choose to develop yourself as a channel, you will be transformed and you will become a different person. 
The best possible reason to choose to be a channel is to become a better person. If you choose that goal and 

pursue it while using channeling as a tool, you will become a very clear and good channel.

I would not recommend that people choose channeling in order to become a professional or to solve all of life's 
problems, or for any other reason that is not one of humble service. It must be a path of the heart. The path 

becomes difficult for those whose main focus in not on their own growth. This is because in order to become a 
good channel you must be willing to look into the mirror of your soul and embrace even the most horrific 

aspects of self. Not everyone is willing to do this.

Finally, at the risk of sounding like a school teacher . . . if you are going to do it, you must practice, practice, 

practice! That is the way you become clear. When you practice, you will have periods of doubt. Continue to 
practice during those periods of doubt because the doubt eventually fades. But you have to have the will to get 

through those challenging periods.

Q: People also have a misconception that channeling is just a process of connection with entities and spirit 
guides. You have emphasized often however that channeling spirit guides is actually a byproduct of learning 

to connect with the Higher Self, which is actually much more important. Could you elaborate on this idea?

When you focus on your personal growth and clear your blockages the natural result is to make a connection 

with the Higher Self. Once you make that connection with the Higher Self many doors will open. The door to 
your creativity opens along with the door to many hidden talents that you might not know you had. One of 

these talents might be the talent to channel spirit guides. If you choose to learn to channel spirit guides and 
focus only on that and do not focus on your personal growth, it will be a difficult road. If you choose the path of 

your Higher Self, then the door to the universe opens widely before you.

The Higher Self is, simply, the part of us that we all have that connects with God. It is our own individual 
Christ/Buddha consciousness that we possess within us. It also represents the pinnacle of human potential. 
That Higher Self exists for all of us and is the higher point of view of life on Earth. From the point of view of the 

Higher Self, our confusing world makes sense. When you make your own intimate connection with the Higher 
Self, your life begins to make sense.

Q: What role does the Higher Self play when you channel other entities?

Higher Self is like a gatekeeper or a big cosmic switchboard. The HS knows your path in any given life even 

when you don't know it consciously. HS always guides and protects you and makes sure that you move in the 
direction you need to move for your own growth.

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