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Now for the second part of your question. The aspects that determine the quality of a channel might be 

surprising to some people. One of the incorrect belief systems out there is that all "good" channels must be 
unconscious while channeling so the mind does not get in the way. However, I see far too many unconscious 

channels who are unclear and their channeled information is judgmental and, in some ways, hateful. What 
seems to determine the quality of a channel is how much personal processing they have done in their life. Have 

they worked on their fear and resistance, and their fear of victimization? Have they learned to relinquish 
judgment? If they have done work to become self-empowered, can become humble, and are committed to their 
personal growth (even if they have to see parts of themselves that they don’t want to see) then they can make 

very good, clear channels.

It doesn't matter whether a channel is unconscious, semiconscious, or conscious. The state of the channel's 
heart, mind, and emotions is of utmost importance.

Q: So a channeled entity must use the vocabulary of the channel and is limited by their humanness?

That is correct. Whatever belief systems or discriminations that we as humans have, they are encoded in our 
very cells. If a human leaves his/her body and lets the entity fully merge into this reality, the entity still has to 

use the channel's brain and use the coding that is in the channel's cells in order to speak and express. It is a 
biochemical process as much as it is a spiritual one. The coding can act like a distortion mechanism. If you wear 

glasses that are coated red, then everything you see will be tinted red. The coding within us always "tints" or 
distorts the energy coming from a spiritual source. Unless we learn to lessen that distortion, it will always be 

distorted no matter whether we are conscious or unconscious as channels.

Q: So that can only be cleansed through the personal work?

For the most part. In the research I've done during the last decade the answer would have to be yes. The 

channel must be willing to commit to their growth and work through their most challenging issues in order to 
become clear.

Q: Some people have the conception that once one learns to channel and can access wisdom from other 

dimensions, all of one's problems will be solved. They won't have to do anything except listen to the advice. 
This belief isn't really correct, is it?

No. Believe it or not, many of my students have had that assumption! Some have believed that if they became 
channels that they would never, ever have another problem in their lives! The entities are not here to stop us 

from learning and growing. They are actually here to stimulate our growth. They will always tell a channel that 
they are here to be of service but that they are not here to take away our problems. We must learn and grow, 

thus strengthening ourselves as humans. These human challenges make us clearer channels. If a student 
wishes to learn channeling because of that expectation, they will find the process very difficult indeed.

Q: As a very public channel since 1985, what do you feel are the biggest misconceptions about channeling?

There is a lot of discrimination that goes on regarding channeled material. One of the biggest challenges has to 
do with general society. Most of society understands what channeling is only through how it is portrayed in the 

media. The media portrays it in an extremely distorted way. Because the media likes to promote sensationalism 
and tabloid journalism, they focus on the dramatics rather than the actual information and the beautiful 

experiences that people have had.

The biggest distortion portrayed by the media is that channels are in it for the money. I can tell you that I have 
not gotten rich off of this, and I could be making more money as a secretary, which is what I was doing before I 

was channeling!

Many people also believe that the people who channel are simply crazy or have personality imbalances. The 

exact opposite is true! I've been fortunate to have been very close to the research of a Ph.D. who studied

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