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Q: It is amazing that no one is doing serious research into channeling.

I think there has been some research done, especially at UCLA. The research that I am familiar with was done 

by Ph.D.s. One doctor studied the psychological changes in those who are developing as channels. She wrote a 
dissertation on her findings. [The late Dr. Margo Chandley.] There are also brain wave studies in which 

channels have been hooked up to EEG machines. [These are not released to the public yet.] When channels go 
into the channeling state and begin channeling an entity, all the brain waves peak. For instance, when we are 
awake in normal life, only the beta brain waves peak. It seems that channeling uses more of the brain because 

all the brain waves peak. The brain becomes more active. This is exciting because it may confirm the idea that, 
in fact, channeling is expanding the human potential.

Does this mean that everyone needs to learn to channel to expand their brain capacity? No, I don't think so. If 

the theories about the morphogenetic field are correct, there will only need to be a certain number of channels 
to reach critical mass. At critical mass, the brain evolution will be passed to the majority of the species, thus 

creating an evolutionary leap.

Q: From your experience as a channel since 1985, do you find any similarity in the messages that are being 


There is definitely a similarity in the messages. It seems like each channel has their own area of expertise, but 
the overall message is the same. These basic messages include the following ideas:

 We are all the creators of our own realities, and reality is created through our thoughts and emotions.

 We are part of a galactic family of which we are not yet totally conscious. Beings of immense diversity have 

visited and continue to visit us whether in physical form (such as UFOs) or on the spiritual levels (such as 

 There is a transformation happening that called different names by different teachers. This is a real, 

tangible event

We all have our connection to God within us and need not worship something external to us. We are all a 
part of God and need no one outside of ourselves to serve as a "cosmic messenger" -- no priest, no church, 
no guru, and certainly no trance channel!

Q: You often mention that channeling is a process of cooperation between the spirit guides and the channel. 

What do you mean by that? What determines the quality of a channel?

In old school mediumship, the mediums were just vehicles for the spirit's messages. Often the medium would 
enter a sleep state and not be present for the relaying of the message. When the entity would leave, the channel 

would collapse from exhaustion. They would then have to recharge themselves. It was a process of separation 
between a channel's life and their spiritual work.

In present day, channeling is much more a cooperative effort between the channels and the entities. Ultimately, 
I think this is healthier and a lot better for the growth of the channel. Most channels now enter a semiconscious 

state and don't surrender control to the entity. The entity can't do anything that is against the moral code of the 
channel. The channel enters a receptive state and allows the entity to do the work. While the channeling 

happens, the channel benefits also. They don't just go to sleep. They benefit and grow and the energy channeled 
through somehow also transforms the channel on very deep levels.

The channel is in partnership with the entity, so we as channels can say, "Your energy is too strong. Can you 
please give me less?" The channel can make requests of the entity and the entity is more than willing to comply. 

This is also extremely important because as we see ourselves as equals to the channeled entities and work in 
partnership with them, the idea of separation is decreased.

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