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Another channel that influenced us in the 1980s was Kevin Ryerson who was also popularized by Shirley 
Maclaine. But, he did not get as much negative press as J.Z. Knight.

Right now, everyone involved in metaphysics or self-help pretty much knows what channeling is (but their true 

understanding of it is most likely inaccurate). Therapists are now using channeling in their practices. However, 
I still find that unless someone has experienced channeling firsthand and have had a good experience, they still 

do not understand what it is and judge it from a place of being misinformed.

Q: Isn't Edgar Cayce well known as well? Is he considered a channel also?

I forgot to mention him! I'm sorry about that. Edgar Cayce influenced American channeling a bit, but he is 

extremely unique. His material could be corroborated and often was validated, whether it was prophecy or 
medical remedies. His channeling wasn't known necessarily for philosophy and spirituality as it was for 

practical, down-to-earth information. He has done a wonderful service for channeling.

Q: Is there a hierarchy among the entities who are channeled?

You will get a different answer to this question depending upon who you ask. I will preface this by saying that 

this is my opinion, but I do believe it is true. For those of us in the physical plane, reality is linear. We always 
need to put things in a hierarchy in order to understand them. This is even reflected in our corporate structure. 

From the spiritual realms, the entities tell me that there is no hierarchy. The entities all view each other as 
equal, but perhaps with different areas of expertise. So the most common labels for the different types of 

entities channeled in America would be the following: Extraterrestrials, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit 
Guides who have lived lives on Earth and who have passed on, Collective Group Consciousness, Light Beings, 

Nature Spirits, etc. I have found that channels who are very good and clear do not channel about the concept of 
hierarchy. Some channels who are not as clear or developed might tend to focus on the idea of a hierarchy or on 
forms of separation. Each entity has their area of expertise that is reflected in the type of information that they 

bring through.

Q: Channeling has existed for centuries but has taken on different styles. Why do you think that the 
popularity of channeling has risen in conjunction with the growth of the New Age movement?

I think there are several reasons. One has to do with species evolution. If you look at human history there is 

always a resurgence of paranormal interest at the end of a millennium. This is both positive and negative. The 
negative is that there is a resurgence in apocalyptic prophecy. The positive is that there is a spiritual revival in 
one way or another. The boom of the New Age movement at the end of the 20century falls in line with 
historical trends.

Also, we are living in an increasingly technological world that is leading us away from nature and our 
connection to the universe. I think people are trying to fill a need to feel connected again. Connection is our 

natural state of existence! People are looking for any activity or philosophy that can make them feel that 
connection. Channeling is providing a service, but it is certainly not the only way for people to make that 


Q: Do you think also that this resurgence in channeling is connected to the transition that many people feel 

we are now experiencing?

I think it is connected with the transition. If what is being channeled is true--that the vibration or energy of the 
planet is accelerating and that we are transforming ourselves in response to this acceleration--then it seems 

only natural that we will make use of the brain's capacity more than we have in the past.

There is now some research about what happens in the brain to one who is channeling. However, this research 
is not complete. Channeling is indeed connected to this transformation because the transformation is causing 
us to want to reach out and expand our potential, especially in the areas of thought and consciousness. 

Channeling is one way to do that.

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