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Q: Eventually you began to work with the entities Germane and Sasha. Before they appeared, what other 
entities were guiding you? Were they with you only to help you learn to channel?

The very first entities I began channeling (who came through before the class began) were a mixture. The first 

one I remember was a Chinese philosopher named Kwan. The entity Ra came through also. There were quite a 
few. I don't remember them all. The first entity that stayed with me and helped me develop as a channel called 

herself Raydia. I channeled her for three years. She was the entity that my Los Angeles clientele knew the most. 
I became known first for channeling Raydia. The whole time I lived in Los Angeles and I was channeling 
publicly, I was channeling Raydia, along with several others.

Q: What was Raydia like?

She is a female version of the guide I work with now named Germane. Just before I left Los Angeles [in 1988] 

and moved to Arizona she did her last channeling. She said to the group, "You will never see me in this form 
again." I had no idea what that meant. Eventually she integrated herself into Germane. Like Germane, she was 

a collective consciousness, but had a strong affiliation with the star Arcturus. Germane has many different 
aspects to him, but Raydia was very heart-centered and strongly affiliated with Arcturus.

I also channeled an entity called "the One" at that time, who had a strong connection to the energy being 
worshipped by Ahkenaton in his attempt to introduce monotheism in Egypt.

Q: You mentioned an entity named "Ra". Was that the same entity mentioned by the Egyptians?

It is not the same entity as the one discussed in the later dynasties of Egypt. The original Ra evolved into 

something else later in the mind of the later Egyptians. Ra was another collective.

Once I moved to Arizona, everything changed. Surprisingly, I began to channel Merlin. He was very enigmatic 

and kept telling us that he was just a temporary guide and that he was getting me prepared for a new frequency. 
About six months later, Germane appeared. He was very hard to channel at first, and had a bothersome accent. 

I begged him to work with me so that the accent could be dropped. He said the accent had something to do with 
the way his energy interfaced with my speech centers. It took a few years, but eventually the accent was 

lessened. Now it is just slightly perceptible. For people who have listened to my tapes since 1989, they will 
notice that the accent diminishes after about 4 years. This is indeed a long process!

Q: Could you tell us how contemporary channeling developed in America?

In the late 1800s the spiritualist movement in both Europe and America increased. The interest in mediumship 
strengthened. Back then, it mostly focused on channeling the entities who had died -- deceased spirits who 

return to give information. In the 1950s there was a surge of channeling from supposed extraterrestrial 
sources. One channel named George Van Tassel was a real pioneer in terms of ET channeling. At that time, it 

was very simplistic channeling but quite profound for the listeners.

I would say that the main influence for many of today's contemporary channels would have to be Jane Roberts 
who channeled Seth. She began channeling in the 1960s but her material wasn't well known until the 70s and 
then it experienced another surge in the 1980s. Her material is very intellectual and deals with the nature of 

reality as well as our connection with God, reincarnation, etc. It comes from a very well-balanced and well- 
rounded perspective. I feel she is the pioneer of modern day channeling in America.

In the 1980s another channel influenced channeling called J.Z. Knight who channels Ramtha. Unfortunately, 

her channeling style is very dramatic and there has been controversy around her. So, when channeling became 
popular in the 1980s and the media got a hold of it, J.Z. Knight was the one everyone focused on. The media 

portrayed her in a very bad light which influenced the way the world perceived channeling. Shirley Maclaine 
wrote about her as well. Channeling was distorted by the media immensely in the 1980s. Even J.Z. Knight's 
material was distorted by the media.

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