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In 1984 I began to see a channel named Darryl Anka who channels Bashar. The channelings by Bashar had a 

very profound impact in my life. During that time I had a dream in which an entity materialized and touched all 
of my chakras. The entity said to me, "You will be a channel." That experience both scared and excited me. I 

immediately went to Bashar and asked him what this was all about and what I could do to develop my 

Bashar actually recommended a channeling class that he knew of in Los Angeles that was just beginning. I 
called the teacher and it turned out that there was only one opening left. The class began a month or two after 

my initial phone call. During the interim I felt like I wanted to continue to learn about channeling before the 
class began.

An exciting process began happening. I began to feel the presence of other entities and a lot of energy around 

me. I would go into that self-hypnotic state that I had taught myself years before and the spirit guides began 
teaching me the early stages of channeling. They would blend their energy with mine, move my hands and 

head, and they would exercise my vocal chords so I could feel what it was like to speak with a new energy in my 
vocal chords. That really got me ready for the class.

Q: So the channeling began even before you took the class?

That is true, yes. I was channeling already before I began the class, but I felt that I needed some type of formal 
guidance. It is a very frightening experience to be opening to something like channeling without assistance.

I entered the class in January 1985 and I studied with five other individuals once a week with the teacher for 

about 4-5 hours. Then we met independently without the teacher once or twice per week for about 4 hours. The 
class itself taught a wide range of approaches to channeling -- all of which are very important aspects of the 
channeling experience.

One area that was stressed was the area of Personal Growth, which is what I focus on now when I teach 

channeling. This aspect is important because it is what allows a channel to be clear. If a channel processes 
his/her own fears, issues, and blockages, then they become clear as a person and thus will become clear as a 

channel. (A channel who is not clear, loving, and nonjudgmental in life will not be a clear, loving, and 
nonjudgmental channel.)

We also did a lot of work having to do with the subconscious. There were a lot of guided meditations that were 
for the purpose of releasing blocked energy that resides in the subconscious. This energy is expressed through 

an archetypal language understood mostly by the subconscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves. This 
includes the areas of fear, love, judgment, and the integration of polarity (whether it be male/female or 


There were many lessons having to do with the blending of spiritual energy with ourselves in human form and 
the expression of that energy through speech, movement, or music (depending upon the individual channel's 

talents). A lot of focus was placed on the Higher Self and how everything we need can be accessed within us 
without even having to work with entities outside of ourselves.

We also did basic work having to do with the development of our psychic abilities and the stimulation of our 
chakra (energy center) energy. We worked on divination using tools such as tarot cards, runes, etc. Our lessons 

were comprised of a whole mixture of teachings designed to shape us into flexible and clear channels.

Q: So this was some serious study.

Yes. Even late in the year we accelerated our class time and spent even more time practicing. We were very 

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