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In our distant past, channeling in its many forms was a natural part of life practiced not only by shamans and 
spiritual teachers but by anyone with a sincere desire to connect with the greater part of themselves. Today's 

western world has rigid and dogmatic scientific perspectives that leaves many people feeling the void of 
spirituality within them. People in increasing numbers are turning to their inner selves for guidance. This quest 

will serve to strengthen the individual as a spiritual being and, when practiced with humility and an open heart, 
will always lead the seeker back Home.


1998, 2012 by Royal Priest Research and Neo-Delphi, Inc. This interview was conducted by Lyssa's Japanese 
publisher and interpreter, Ms. Kazumi Hoshina, in Tokyo, Japan, July 3, 1995.

Lyssa currently teaches a year-long intensive training course in Japan that meets approximately every 3 

months in Tokyo. (New courses begin every February). For information about this course, please contact 
Synchronicity Japan at English and Japanese speakers are welcome. She is also 

available (on a limited basis) to travel to your area to teaching her basic channeling course. If you wish to 
sponsor a workshop, contact Royal Priest Research, PO Box 30973, Phoenix, Arizona, 85046. Email:

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