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Behind the Veil:

A Look at the Phenomenon of Channeling

Interview with Lyssa Royal by Kazumi Hoshina

Lyssa channeling Sasha in 2011

Channeling is the process of receiving information or inspiration from realms beyond our physical reality. 

There are many forms of channeling such as vocal trance channeling and divination (using tools such as tarot 
or runes). Even the simplest form of creativity can be considered channeling such as music composition, dance 

and movement, and artistic endeavors. The specific source of channeled inspiration is not nearly as significant 
as the essence of the gift brought through to this reality.

From where does channeling come? Most people have heard of the process of channeling spirit guides, angels, 
extraterrestrials and ascended masters. But perhaps the most important aspect of channeling is each person's 

ability to connect with his or her own unique spiritual energy -- that of the Higher Self. Without that ability, the 
process of connecting with spirit guides may seem two-dimensional or shallow. As we develop our relationship 

with our own Higher Selves (thus committing to the process of our personal growth) the universe comes alive 
with consciousness that helps us learn about the wonders of God's universe.

This article is taken from an interview with Lyssa Royal on the subject of channeling and its connection with 
the Higher Self. Many subjects are discussed but an overall theme is explored -- that the channeling process 

can only be as clear as the channel. To achieve clarity a channel must commit herself to a journey of intense 
personal growth and discovery.

It is important to remember that each channel is unique. Just like musical styles, a channel and his/her guide 

learn to create a symphony of ideas and experiences for the listener. Every channel has his or her own style. If 
you are seeking a channel, it is suggested that you participate in several styles of channeling until you find one 

that inspires joy and awakening in your heart.

The following interview was conducted by Lyssa's Japanese interpreter, Ms. Kazumi Hoshina.

Q: How did you become a channel, and what kind of training did you go through? Please be specific about 

your training.

It seems like the circumstances in my life guided me to learn the skills that I needed to learn to become a 
channel long before I even knew what channeling was. In 1979 I had a UFO sighting with my family in New 

Hampshire. Though I had been interested in psychic phenomenon before that experience, the UFO sighting 
really accelerated my interest in paranormal subjects. I was in college at the time. Shortly after that I was 
studying hypnosis in college and learned to place myself in an altered state of consciousness, mostly for stress 


Those early situations (the UFO sighting and learning to put myself in an altered state of consciousness) helped 
to lay the foundation for what happened later.

Beyond the Veil: A Look at the Phenomenon of Channeling 1 
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