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more often the case, doesn’t know how to say it 

for himself.

Say you hear about something on the news—this 

comes up a lot. You are watching a news program and 

they say somewhere on the other side of the world that 

there’s been a terrible earthquake and they don’t know 

what’s happening, but they’ll give you more updates 

and so on. They mention the name of the location 

where it is, and you want to do something and you 

would be happy to make a contribution of some sort, 

but the news people don’t even know what it is and 

you feel frustrated and upset because you want to do 

something immediately to serve that. That’s where 

living prayer comes in.

I will give you an example, and I will mention the 

name of a country where you have heard of earth- 

quakes before. Of course, you have them right here in 

the United States, but there are other countries that 

have earthquakes, sometimes even more often than 

you have them, so I will use another country as an 

example. You might say a living prayer because you’re 

saying something for others who don’t know about it, 

who don’t know how to say it, who might not think 

to say it or who might be in a dire emergency where

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