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But we do not say benevolent magic directly for oth- 

ers, and I’ll tell you why. Benevolent magic is very 

influential, and it doesn’t require a lot from people, 

most of whom you don’t know and will never meet— 

maybe just a tiny little gesture or a little move, a lit- 

tle something different than they would’ve done that 

is perfectly all right with them to do that way. This 

is something insignificant for most people. But in the 

case of benevolent magic, eventually it is quite a sig- 

nificant outcome for you.

So we don’t say benevolent magic for others because 

we have to allow them to choose to say it for them- 

selves. However, there is something we can say for 

others, and this is something that will sound very 

similar to things you have already done. I will touch 

on that in this book.

Although this book is primarily geared toward 

benevolent magic, I want to touch a little bit on 

living prayer. Living prayer is the form of benevo- 

lent magic that you can say when you really feel the 

need—or even if you gently feel the need—to say 

something for someone else specifically, even if 

that person wouldn’t think to say it for himself, 

wouldn’t want to say it for himself or, as is much

10 Benevolent Magic & Living Prayer

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