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Try to Say It Out Loud

Now, there are other situations with benevolent 

magic when benevolent magic requires from you a 

moment to pause, meaning that you are doing some- 

thing. Perhaps you’re at work and you really need to 

do something; you feel the urgent need to say benev- 

olent magic about something. If you’re in the mid- 

dle of something, you can say it under your breath, 

so to speak.

But try to say it at least out loud—whispering is 

out loud—because this is a change you want to affect 

your physical world for you. Therefore, for your body 

to know and understand that this is physical (and 

your body is deeply involved in the creation of your 

physical world and experience), it needs to be physi- 

calized. Thinking it may not work very well. In most 

cases, it won’t work at all, but in some cases, it might 

work a little bit. So try to at least whisper it. You can 

whisper it softly, but that’s what I recommend.

Say Benevolent Magic for Yourself, 

Say Living Prayer for Others

I know you want the world to be a better place and 

everybody to be happy and get along cooperatively.

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