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So this is training for you. I know that many of you 

have tried to find a philosophy, a governmental sys- 

tem, a way of thinking, a way of feeling—all kinds 

of different things—that everyone can feel good 

about and that will work for everyone. This system of 

benevolent magic may not be a government system; it 

may not be a religion. But it may have some aspects 

that suggest that it is a portion of some philosophy, 

perhaps, or that it can fit into a great many philoso- 

phies. It is not intended to replace the family system, 

friends or relationships.

This is not intended to replace medical science or 

anything like that. But it is intended to allow you to 

have a means by which you can cooperate with all 

other beings in a way that’s totally benevolent for you. 

And just on that alone, it is a good system that will 

begin, gently, to allow you to have a sense of union 

with all beings.

The Fundamentals of Benevolent Magic

The fundamentals of benevolent magic are what 

you say and how you say it. I will now give an exam- 

ple of benevolent magic: You might say, “I request 

that I experience a most benevolent interview for

4 Benevolent Magic & Living Prayer

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