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Benevolent magic is intended, then, to allow you to 

cooperate in some way with other people who ask for 

something that cooperation on your part might help to 

provide—even though you won’t know who they are 

or what they ask (maybe they’re on the other side of 

the world). Your cooperation might be some tiny lit- 

tle thing that you will do unconsciously. It doesn’t 

have control or power over you.

It might just mean that instead of scratching your 

head, you scratch your arm. It might be something 

silly like that, which may seem to be totally trivial 

and inconsequential but that could have some subtle 

effect. I am trying to suggest, then, that it would not 

be something that commands or overtakes your life, 

but it will allow you to make some trivial change in 

your life that will not harm you in any way.

The reason benevolent magic works is that all souls, 

all beings, who cooperate to help bring about in some 

way a benevolent result (also known as a benevolent 

outcome for your benevolent magic that you say and 

request) must be doing only something—if it’s some- 

thing different that they do at all—that is complete- 

ly benevolent for them. So no one suffers in any way. 

Things just shift and change gently.

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