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and the benevolent portion of the souls of all beings 

on Earth and everywhere. It can only be used benev- 

olently, even if it is accidentally (or otherwise) said 

in some way that isn’t benevolent. It will still only 

work as long as the experience for everyone is benev- 

olent, including those who cooperate consciously or 

otherwise with bringing about your request . . . that’s 

the whole point.

Benevolent Magic Allows a Sense of Union with All Beings

Benevolent magic is a request, not just words. Many 

of you will feel energy after you say the request. Sit 

with the energy if you can or feel the energy—not 

necessarily if you’re operating a automobile, but let 

the energy be there if it possibly can be. It will fade 

or lessen, to a degree, in most cases.

Now, many times you won’t feel any energy. Then 

just go on after you complete it. Benevolent magic is 

provided by loving beings to help allow you and train 

you as a global community to begin doing things that 

will support each and every one of you. I know that 

you all want a cooperative, benevolent global commu- 

nity where everybody has what they need and every- 

body has the opportunity to have what they want.

2 Benevolent Magic & Living Prayer

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