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The time of bringing the belief system into harmony 

with the actual physical reality situation in order to avoid the 
doom of destruction that is now awaiting the majority of 

earth’s population is now. The important focus is not to 

dwell on the doom: it is the pivotal point that is now avail- 
able to humanity that must be used as the impetus of 

change. Shocking as the facts are regarding the primrose path 

that humanity has been blindly following, these must be 
accepted and then the focus turned away from the decep- 

tions toward creating a new reality.

What is this new reality? How can it be created if there 
is no knowledge of what it is that should or could replace the 

present situation? It would appear that this reality as it is cre- 

ated would be nothing but a hodge-podge of each one’s 
desires based on the programming that is already present 

within each. Who would have the ability to release what is 

known and envision new concepts that would not be taint- 
ed with dreams of the past? If advice were asked of galactic 

brothers and sisters, would those not be entwined within 

their known reality? So it would appear that not only is there 
the surrounding current dilemma, but another one of even 

larger proportions insofar as breaking clear of the current 

one and then having to confront repetitions of experience 
rather than a new paradigm. This it seems is too much for a 

group consciousness that is or will be reeling from the shock 

of discovering the extent of their deception, or is it? It will be 
within the release of that shock and the decision to create 

their own reality that the birthing shall take place.

If what is known is deception, then will pursuing oppo-


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