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make a clear choice to own this planet for itself, it is passively 
supporting continued enslavement and giving away its natural 

resources for the use of others rather than for itself. Rich min- 

eral reserves have been transported from this planet and others 
in this solar system for thousands of years to enrich the lives of 

beings that have failed to steward their own planetary resources 

wisely. Reports of large “mother ships” are true and they are 
present for that purpose.

It is time for humanity to wake up and people to come 

together in the understanding that they are wise enough to 
control their own destiny and ask for help to “help them- 

selves for the highest and best good for all concerned.” That 

is a prayer that can be affirmatively answered! Until such 
time as humans can prove themselves to be cooperative and 

non-aggressive toward their benevolent neighbors, all help 

will be given indirectly: that is these beings will not walk 
among you until it is safe for them to do so. The help that 

can be offered will be very effective, but it must be asked for 

and accepted as assistance and not as rescue. A victim, be it 
individual or a planetary mass consciousness, has not 

evolved to a level of responsibility that warrants assistance. A 

victim consciousness must move through the need to look 
outside of itself and instead look at its own choices to find 

the cause(s) of its imperfect situation. Freewill is the freedom 

to choose, and all continuously choose, even if it is to choose 
not to choose. There are always forces willing to make choic- 

es for those unwilling to make their own. It is time for 

humanity to make its own choices. These messages were 
written to help with that important process.


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