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destroyed or hidden, and by reaching logical conclusions 
about the sightings of various space craft as well as interac- 

tion with their occupants. These interactions have been both 

face to face and telepathic. The evidence indicates the pres- 
ence of outside powers trying to continue the long standing 

control of Earth and its solar system. There are also those 

that are a positive presence hoping to be of assistance to an 
awakening humanity that must be willing to take on the 

responsibility for determining its own future in order to 

receive this available help.
Humanity has itself blocked the answer to its long stand- 

ing cry for relief from enslavement by the outside forces, 

because it has been educated to ask for its “rescue” to come 
from an unknowable being that is in actuality a part of the 

controlling forces. Deception for control has been very suc- 

cessful for thousands of years. “Worship your controller” has 
been the ploy. Mankind has very little time left to wake up 

to this strategy and cooperatively agree that it is time to end 

this charade once and for all. Those who would assist must 
be a group that is willing to research and prove to itself 

beyond a shadow of a doubt the truth of this astounding 

pronouncement of the global situation. It must realize that 
humanity has to create its own future or remain in the cir- 

cumstances of terrible slavery that are planned for them.

Both the positive and negative forces that are focused on 
this planet are aware that multiple cycles are culminating in 

this time sequence which will be to the advantage of either 

humanity or its colonizers, depending upon which one has 
the support of the overall planetary consciousness. This sup- 

port can be either passively or actively understood. It can 

therefore be readily understood that if humanity does not


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