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individual’s benefit. The totality of the foci involved is for 

the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants, period! The 
truth of the messages is to be discerned and used for the 

benefit of humanity first and then gleaned by the individual 

to apply personally as part of the wholeness to which it is 
focused without the necessity of personal names to identify 

truth. If that is not understood, then the messages need to 

be read again to transcend this need into commitment to 
the holographic intention of the information they contain.

It is hoped that the succinctness of this message is 

accepted in the tone of importance in which it is intended. 
The window of opportunity to accomplish the necessary 

monumental consciousness transition is small compared to 

the obstacles within the human belief systems that must be 
literally dissolved so that the whole may be transformed.

It is sincerely hoped that the truth contained will be a 

sword that cuts through the armor of deception and lays 
open the hearts and minds of the necessary quotient for suc- 



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