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The question of “who?” is the focusing energy of the “mes- 

sages” is a difficult question to answer tactfully and yet com- 
pletely. “Isness” is the focus to be sought by each individual 

awareness. As each expands within the process of self-identifi- 

cation so does the ability to allow the flow of “Isness” to move 
through their experience. Each will attract into their aware- 

ness knowledge to live into wisdom. The vibratory rate of the 

planetary environment and of the members of humanity on 
Earth is low enough that this ability is currently virtually inac- 

cessible. To assist willing members of mankind to access the 

necessary information to provide a way to transcend this cur- 
rent aberrant state, various volunteer awareness points within 

higher vibrational frequencies have acted as booster stations to 

focus this information through those willing to participate on 
the Earth plane. Knowing the custom of Earth’s inhabitants 

requiring the “personify to identify” mode, names from the 

exotic to the ridiculous have been given as sources of this infor- 
mation. The information included exercises in discernment, 

most participants failed the discernment tests. Much was 

filled with profound truth, but much of it was drained of ener- 
gy by the continual parade of victims wanting their personal 

problems solved for them. The information became distorted 

as the foci were withdrawn and the volunteers winged it (faked 
it) on their own for their sincerity was lost in the notoriety and 

greed that resulted.

In view of this history, it was the mutual agreement 
between the parties involved in the dictation/translation/ 

transcription process for these messages that the foci 

involved would remain unidentified and there would be no 
monetary rewards whatsoever involved. Further, there 

would be no personal information disseminated for any one


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