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panic and frantic activity that goes on as attempts are made 
to counteract the effects the deviation may have wrought. 

Those are then occupied in making changes in the details of 

the overall plan to compensate for the effects that naturally 
ripple through the entire situation. This then opens the pos- 

sibility of being able to add to the effects to further compli- 

cate the recovery they are trying to accomplish.
Thus we offer two tools for holding the focus for the 

New Paradigm firmly in place. The first being the under- 

standing of the overriding higher purpose of the creational 
flow bringing with it intelligent coordination of energies that 

resonate with the higher purpose. The second using the 

greatest possible understanding of their plan as the basis of 
observing their process and finding moments and opportu- 

nities to add to their complications in maintaining their 

focus. Simply focusing attention on their dilemmas can 
place great stress on their ability to correct the flow of inten- 

tional energy, for that which is contrary to the Light, must be 

done in secrecy and darkness. Knowledge is thought which 
flows from the Light of understanding. This then points out 

the need to know as much as possible about the plans of the 

dark intention for the enslavement of this planet. It points out 
the importance of the work that has been done by those com- 

mitted to investigating, observing, drawing obvious conclu- 

sions and then sharing with any and all who will listen and read 
about what constitutes the dark plans. Those who have com- 

mitted their life focus to exposing this plan serve their fellow 

human beings and this planet well. This information is critical 
to the transition through this process that must be made by the 

planet and its inhabitants. It must not be the focus, but must 

be the background upon which the New Paradigm will begin


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