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process is the same and available to be used. It is the ease of 
the flow, that makes the difference, for as the previous mate- 

rial has revealed, when the intent/focus resonates with the 

higher creational intent manifestation results more easily. 
Any desired manifestation that is in harmony with the high- 

er/finer intent receives reinforcing energy and therefore is 

able to receive advantageous assistance in manifesting with- 
out needing to be aware of what it is or how it came. In other 

words, that which resonates with the greater plan of whole- 

ness draws to it through the law of attraction added sup- 
portive energy.

Manifestation that lacks this resonance and is initiated at 

a level below the highest source of purpose or intention 
requires a more intense focus and careful attention to the 

continual need to hold the plan firmly in the center of atten- 

tion. The smallest detail that deviates from the plan can 
cause a ripple effect that changes the planned outcome at 

many levels of the manifestation process. There is no auto- 

matic support process to dovetail these changes into the plan 
harmoniously. This then makes the resistive plan vulnerable 

to deviations that can be devastating to the total plan with- 

out the knowledge of those initiating it and holding it in 
place with their intention.

It is important that those who are supporting the mani- 

festation of the New Paradigm understand this and hold this 
comparison of the difference of the two sets of circumstances 

that underlay the situation at hand that they have chosen to 

participate within firmly in mind. It is entirely possible that 
by being familiar with as many of the details of the opposi- 

tion’s plans, discouraging and demoralizing as they appear to 

be, when deviations do occur in it, it is possible to sense the


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