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It is suggested that each begin to observe the various roles 
that are available in situations and thoughts about situations 

in daily experience such as being part of the deception and 

observing the deception. During one’s thoughts, which role 
is being played out, the family member, the citizen of the 

local community, the church member, the dismayed U.S. 

citizen when learning of the latest aggression by the govern- 
ment, the state citizen reading the news of the latest activity 

in the legislature, etc., etc. What observer role or active role 

is each one (are you) playing in the moment? Is it the role 
that you desire to play? If not, then can you change “hats” so 

to speak and observe from a different role? It is important 

that each of you learn to discern through self observation 
where you are in the scenario that is occurring in your per- 

ception at any given moment. In the practice of this role 

playing, much safety in the future can be gained.


In the days to come, those who intend to hold the focus 

for this transition of the planet and its inhabitants will need 

every positive word to encourage them to continue in the 
process. It is the intent of this material to add to the positive 

intent of those committed to the project by providing prac- 

tical and easily used techniques to assist in holding this 
intent in place. It is necessary that this intent be held on a 

continual basis by the constant input of many. Inasmuch as 

manifestation can be traced backward to thought, to light, to 
intent/focus, to potentiality, it can be seen just where the 

intent to participate in this process fits into the flow of cre- 

ation. For whatever purpose, be it positive or negative, the


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