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chaos they will lose that focus and become caught up in the 
chaos. Their focus will be on the chaos, thus nullifying a 

great deal of the power that those of dark intent have estab- 

lished. It is during this time that the most important work 
for the Light (those of positive intent) will be done. This is 

the reason that it is important for those of positive focus to 

become aware of their purpose for being here and learn to 
lift themselves out of the influence of the chaos and know 

that those will be the moments of most productive service to 

this planet and thereby to their fellow humans. The exact 
knowledge of the nature of the New Paradigm is not all that 

important at this time, it is the desire for it that is important. 

It is the commitment to being part of the positive/Light 
focus that is important. It is the practice of walking within 

more than one awareness by acknowledging them as a part 

of everyday living that is primary. Each must learn to choose 
in the moment which awareness is the predominant one and 

change from one to the other by intent.

Awareness is the focus of who and what each is. Each has 
a multifaceted opportunity to learn to use latent/unused 

abilities that are available. The knowledge and use of these 

have been hidden and denied, for to use these would bring 
freedom from control. There are many that would seem 

quite miraculous. These are indeed simple applications of 

mathematical laws that exist but are unknown. Many of 
these will be included in the lessons to follow, not explained 

in confusing terminology, but as guided, simple lessons in 

application. When practiced and applied to daily living situ- 
ations, they will become a part of each one’s life experience 

and available when needed in the experiences coming in the 

sequential times to come.


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