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Further, a truly good actor can be their own personality and 
can also assume the personality of the character they are play- 

ing and move between them without losing the awareness 

that they are both. The Light Workers, ground crew, whatev- 
er each chooses to call him/herself, must learn to walk in two 

worlds simultaneously. It would be wise for each to begin to 

practice the art of this split awareness. It is nothing more than 
an acceptance of the situation as it is. There is the world of 

deception and the world of knowing that the deception is 

being perpetrated on the planetary inhabitants.
Each also knows that a new and different world of expe- 

rience awaits birthing, but until the one that is known to the 

inhabitants begins to crumble into chaos, there is no way to 
birth the new one. As the current known reality reaches a 

specific degree of disintegration in the chaos, the new one 

can begin to come into manifested reality. The question is 
which one will materialize, the one planned by the dark 

planners or the one that is envisioned by the Light 

Workers/Ground Crew and those drawn to the dream of the 
New Paradigm. There is the planned world of disharmony 

with the galactic composite plan or one that is created in har- 

mony with it. The critical number of humans desiring a har- 
monious existence within the surrounding energies of poten- 

tiality that constitute this Galaxy must be reached in order 

for the New Paradigm to come into a reality recognizable by 
those beings in harmony with it. Based on a mathematical 

formula it is less than might be thought considering the 

number of humans on Earth. One of the reasons for this is 
that those who desire this harmonious experience will be 

focused upon that desire. Even though there are many 

humans that are now focused on the deception, during the


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