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craved. Once illogical ideas are identified, then the sequential 
thought process reprograms itself, rather like a computer 

changing its internal arrangement of data to a more efficient 

combination of sequences. When illogic is perceived and the 
rearrangement of data takes place, then other illogical data is 

identified and the search is on to further identify any other 

illogical data present and to eliminate it also. Through this 
process, great changes in the mass consciousness can be 



As the Light Workers on this planet comprehend the 
larger picture, it is helpful to them to continue to broaden 

the picture to include a greater understanding of the galactic 

wholeness in which they are playing such an important part. 
This understanding is to enable them to enhance their 

observer roles and thus see through and past the chaos that 

each will find going on around them. Through the process of 
observation while experiencing the chaos, each will be able to 

place themselves in a position that allows them to be in places 

of safety, not in hiding, but in movement within the chaos. It 
is an experience of observing the self in movement, a process 

of literally being in two fields of awareness simultaneously. 

Simply put, an example to begin the process is being aware 
that each individual is at the same moment in sequential time 

an individual with its own life agenda and also a part of the 

family, community, state, nation and planetary whole. Each 
status is an awareness that is separate and yet a composite of 

the whole earthly experience. Each shifts their thought 

processes between each role and yet maintains their stability.


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