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gestions worth considering and acting upon. Our concern is 
that the “composite concept of God” that each awareness is 

entitled to contribute to as a realized consciousness, become 

the next focus of concern for those awake and aware humans 
awaiting the next step in their assignment.


In the final accounting, it is the transition of conscious- 

ness into citizenship responsibility that is the goal. All else 
comes as a result of that choice. It was once offered as a part 

of the experience of bringing the US of A into being, but the 

consciousness of the individual people was not at a point 
that the goals could be maintained. Instead the exploiting of 

the resources through greed was greater than the commit- 

ment to soul agendas. Thus these experiences were allowed 
to be played out for the lessons to be learned. It is yet to be 

seen if these lessons will be discerned and brought into wis- 

dom by a sufficient number to salvage this planet. Choices 
must be made to place the whole as equal to the individual 

in the consideration of the result desired.

Those asked to give their lives for the purposes of 
defending their country or placing the ideals of their lead- 

ers above those of others and attacking them, have allowed 

the illusion of a whole as being more important than the 
individual. It is a supreme sacrifice. When the whole and 

the individual consideration have equal weight, then war is 

not an option unless imbalance is acted out as an attack. 
Then all other options are considered first before a defense 

is appropriate. When there is balance, there is progress. It 

is to be remembered that the play of positive and negative


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