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lessons and entering into a completely new consciousness of 
what reality truly is. For those who are on the planet Earth 

now, the deceptions are of such magnitude and the truth of 

what each being is, so well hidden, that the acceptance of the 
truth by the masses is such a gigantic leap in consciousness that 

it appears to be impossible that it could possibly happen. Yet, 

happen it must if this segment of the human race and this jewel 
of a planet are to survive.

When viewed from the larger perspective, the deceptions 

as perpetrated on the human race of this planet are so total- 
ly illogical that it is quite amazing that so few humans have 

figured out the truth. Granted, many when they are first 

introduced to the possibility that they have been deceived, 
immediately resonate with the idea and begin to contem- 

plate its possibility and arrive at the truth of its probability. 

However, those that cling to the deceptions with tenacity are 
in the overwhelming majority. It is therefore to be anticipat- 

ed that much chaos will be experienced before a mathemat- 

ical coefficient of beings making the realization/change of 
consciousness is reached to bring about a shift in the future 

experience on this planet. It is then to be anticipated that the 

planet itself may or may not be able to survive the abuse that 
is being loosed upon it. To enable more help from the galac- 

tic citizenry to assist in this situation, a large number of 

“responsible Earth citizens” must request this help to save the 
planet first and the citizenry second. The requests now are 

being made more on a personal salvation basis than from the 

larger picture which automatically includes the personal 

Thus it is that we offer these concepts for the considera- 

tion of those who choose to read and to accept them as sug-


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