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through to the rest of its focus that is walking around in the 
body. The body must register this understanding through 

the totality of its brain-nervous system resulting in what is 

called a realization that then registers as a sudden feeling sen- 
sation accompanied by an all encompassing understanding. 

It allows for a total change in perception with regard to the 

self and how this self fits into the composite picture of expe- 
rience. This results in a change in the perception of “God’’ 

which suddenly allows for an understanding that “God” 

equates to cosmic/galactic citizenship rather than a 
father/child relationship. It is a shift from “being or experi- 

encing as powerless” to the awesome responsibility of being 

a contributing portion to the totality of what constitutes 
“God” or the creative energy of potentiality being focused 

into experience in order that it can be defined and under- 

The pivotal point at which this change takes place is not 

a shift from negative to positive. It is rather an uplifting to a 

new point in the spiral of experience that allows for a greater 
understanding and ability to utilize the positive/negative 

energies that are part and parcel of the outflow of creative 

energies in the individual and collective foci that result in the 
larger matrix or design of the whole pattern of a galaxy. It is 

easier to grasp the larger picture of this description than to 

define it at the level of each individual awareness. Each being 
comes to the point of their own realization in unique ways 

and by unique combinations of experience and wisdom. The 

point is often approached and rejected many times before 
the actual crossover acceptance happens. It requires a great 

deal of courage to crossover to a new and different perspec- 

tive of the life experience. It requires releasing well-learned


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