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USA. The dark plans appear to be coagulating into form as 
they have been planned. The light workers are the focus of 

“God,” as you have chosen to name the outplay of creative 

energies that bring into being galaxies, solar systems, planets 
and individualized awareness to acknowledge and experience 

these manifestations. These now begin their work in earnest. 

Indeed each individual awareness has within itself that cre- 
ative energy that is theirs to acknowledge and to know per- 

sonally. It is the focus of that subtly powerful energy that is 

who each really is. It appears to be apart from the personali- 
ty/ego that is capable of comprehending the understanding 

of the concept of it. It is the “becoming” of this apparently larg- 

er than life beingness that is the difficult accomplishment. Yet, 
there is “no other God.” That which each is in this larger 

reality is the only doorway to understanding the concept of 

what is called God.
God is not a focus of personality – individual thought 

processes or a benevolent creator separate from you. God is 

the combination of the focus of all Its parts coalesced into 
the composite of all. Each awareness is blocked from being a 

part of that composite until each realizes that it is a part of 

this composite. Being told that it is, means nothing at all. It 
is the realization that one’s self is a viable part of that com- 

posite that encompasses the totality of the being, that is what 

“becoming” is all about. One must become that reality and 
realize it is a viable aspect of the totality of God and that its 

input to that reality is the truth of who they are. It is not a 

mental realization, but one that registers total agreement 
within the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of 

the total self. In other words, the spiritual aspect that focus- 

es each into manifested reality finally gets the message


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