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allows for change. The introduction of apparently conflicting 
information resolves into integration of the apparent dichoto- 

my and allows for progression into greater concepts. In other 

words, stagnation through holding to static beliefs halts the 
desired process. The safety of known apparent truths is a trap, 

which the progressing consciousness must purposefully avoid.

The ability to accept this conceptual understanding of 
the ground rules for participation within manifested experi- 

ence requires a stretch in the belief system that is indeed 

quite phenomenal in and of itself. However mind boggling 
it is, it is the beginning point that is necessary if mankind is 

to extricate itself from the mire in which it now finds itself. 

The controlling over-lords are intent on returning this plan- 
et to a bare minimum of tightly enslaved beings so they can 

return to their original intent of stripping the needed min- 

erals for the salvation of their own civilization at the expense 
of this planet and its inhabitants. It is the destiny of the 

inhabitants that belong to this planet by birth and adoption 

to take on the responsibility of changing this destiny and 
there is little sequential time remaining for them to accom- 

plish this monumental feat. If challenge is the ingredient to 

call for the effort required, then certainly it is present. It is 
fervently requested that all those reading this material give it 

the most careful and focused consideration. It is further 

requested that each consider the call that is within it to 
assume the responsibility to make it happen, or to accept the 

results that acquiescence will reap without regret.


The days ahead do not look bright for those of you in the


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