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site concepts result in knowing truth? Indeed it could. For 
example, if benevolence has been sought from outside 

sources, is it indeed available from within one’s own aware- 

ness? If freedom has not been found in either authoritarian 
systems or in the pursuit of individual freedoms, then where 

is it to be found? Could it be obtained within moral and eth- 

ical standards that gift the individual within an agreement 
made by co-operating groups? Could the size of the groups 

also be arranged by agreement? Could the groups find com- 

mon ground for agreement within common desires for sim- 
ilar defined freedoms? If co-operation was the key ingredient 

rather than competition and the need to be/feel superior, 

then all things are possible. If common interest and desire 
were the defined beginning point around which all else is 

drawn by attraction to intended definition of desired experi- 

ence, successful interaction is possible. If freedom to with- 
draw and find a more adequate experience within another 

group was encouraged and allowed, successful adventure in 

self-definition would be assured. The experience of the search 
for the most perfect expression could be an end unto itself. 

Though groups would be visited on a regular basis, it would be 

the commitment to a flexible and expanding focus that would 
enable them to continue until a satisfactory accomplishment 

was made by all involved. Thus no commitment to forever 

continuity would be a part of the goal, as expansive experience 
cannot place fences around itself and function within its 

intended expression. It is understood that expansive conscious- 

ness can only continue its expansion within a context of chang- 
ing conceptual understandings. Progress results in shedding old 

understandings as these are encompassed in wisdom and the 

focus is ever toward the unfolding of new knowledge that


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