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relationship with Daddy to do it. It really does; I’m not kidding anybody. It really 

does! Put that down, however you want, brother, if you will.

Martin: I’ll be glad to.

Red Elk: The line is drawn! There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Our skies haven’t 

turned red, yet. I think that Planet X is going to help along in that way. I’m not sure 
if it’s going to be a nuclear explosion that causes this. Although, the wavering of our 

Earth, and this Planet X coming by so close and causing what it does—makes the 

Earth shake and rattle and roll even more. And since everybody is on edge anyway, 
somebody might, might hit the wrong button and we will have a nuclear war. And 

I’m talking PRIOR to Armageddon.

So, the skies will turn red, day and night, for a number of days in a row. What 
actually causes it? I’m not sure. It hasn’t happened yet. We can still change 

everything if enough people of the planet got right with The Creator; we could stop 

everything. Planet Earth can go out into space like a slingshot. Mamma would calm 
down and say: “Ah, the fleas are resting.” And not shake us off. Otherwise, we’re on 

our own.

And I tell you true: the line IS drawn!

It’s not a matter of going to be, or a little line here, a little line there, like it has 

been—people here, people there, praying for Mother Earth, not knowing that 
there’s five more, six blocks down the road, doing the same thing. They’re not yet 

connected, a bunch of little lines. But now, they are going to connect as One! Those 

who are for Good will connect as One, in some super-huge kind of meeting. And 
they’ve got to learn that, when they connect, they cannot—I repeat, with big 

CANNOT—say: “We’re all here for helping Earth and mankind, and this is the way 

you must do it.” They’ve got to realize—I’m talking medicine people, spiritual 
people, I’m talking wiccan people—I don’t care, as long as they are for Mamma 

Earth, and for unity of Love, I don’t care how they go to The Creator. But, I’m 

telling you this: There is a great problem in the world today, amongst the so-called 

“spiritual” people. They have a problem with: “MY way is right; so we’ll do it this 

They are not living Mitakuye Oyasin [for all my relations]. They just talk the word. 
The world is a body, in a sense. We are the doctors, in a sense. All doctors, to be 

regular doctors, all go to the same kind of basic training to know the body before 

they branch off to be a brain surgeon, a heart surgeon, a foot doctor. But they all 
have to take the same basic training before they branch-off. They are forgetting that 

we all have the same basic training; we’re all working with the same body. And 

sure, some know how to do brain surgery; some know how to do foot work. But that 

does not cure the body; it only cures that part. They must realize it takes all, 
working together, on the whole body! The brain surgeon, the heart surgeon, the guy


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