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Red Elk: No, I’m not pregnant. [Laughter] Martin: [Laughter] Our upcoming 

March feature concerns the year 2003, primarily.

Red Elk: Yeah, there is something that is going to be done in 2003. I don’t know 

Martin: There is a lot that people are seeing, a lot of apprehension for the first half 
of 2003. Some people are apprehensive because of Planet X, some people are 

apprehensive because of the possible war in Iraq, and yet there are other factors 

coming into play, not the least of which is time manipulation. Do you have a sense of 
what people’s apprehension is about 2003?

Red Elk: Most of the apprehension is caused by the Earth, inner great shifting. We 

are of Earth. We are made of dirt, and stuff, originally. So we are, therefore, very 
much in tune with the Earth, regardless if you are aware of it or not. The grading, 

and all of the movement of our Earth, she’s getting ready to roll. It’s causing a 

sympathetic vibration in the human body. Also, people are going into parallel times 
and places, actually doing it—and shocked: “What was that all about?” Because it 

only lasts a moment, to several minutes. Are they going crazy? No, it’s just they are 

not aware of what is happening.

[Editor’s note: This last comment is very similar to what Al Bielek and Preston 

Nichols say in Rick’s front-page feature story.]

Martin: There’s a lot of that.

Red Elk: Yes, there is a tremendous amount, and it is growing, and growing, and 
growing. So some of the apprehension is due to our Mother Earth. And the fact that 

our people came from her belly—in that sense, we ARE connected. But most people 

are not aware of the total connection. But another thing: How do I say it? There is 

also occurring manipulation through “other forces”—those who in turn are 
manipulated by Luciferian angels and he himself, who are trying to manipulate the 

humans to be afraid.

Martin: True.

Red Elk: You’re supposed to run to the government; they will “protect” you. You’re 
damn right they will! They’re part of the other ones, the Bad ones! You are being 

controlled simply by fear—they’re trying to, anyway. Big word: fear! FEAR! And 

those who learn to overcome that fear, and walk in the Light of Love and Unity with 

The Creator—shoot—this will be a piece of cake. It will be like walking through a 
cloud instead of hitting a mountain. It will only cause you to waiver a bit; then off 

you go, right through that mountain! It’s nothing more than energy in the first 

place, just as you are energy. You become an unstoppable force, going right through 
an immovable object! It’s all mind, God-mind stuff. It is, literally, thought energy. 

You match energy and pass through. And we can do that—but it takes a heart


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