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There’s no more fence-sitting; rather, we are told that ALL shall experience 

conditions and circumstances which require a decision one way or the other—a 

siding with Good or Evil. Well, here we go again.

Yet another respected source has come forth. On Wednesday, January 22, 2003, we 

received a telephone call at The SPECTRUM from renowned Native American 

leader Red Elk, who felt compelled to share the following message with all of our 

Many of you will remember Red Elk as Rick Martin’s featured front-page 
interviewee for our April 2002 issue. That provocative article was titled Red Elk’s 

Medicine Message Of Worlds Within Worlds: Old Mysteries, Powerful Truths For 


Red Elk teaches and lectures extensively and has several times spoken to the vast 

listening audience of Art Bell’s late-night talk-radio program about both spiritual 

matters and the many layers of activity going on right under our feet. Rick Martin 
answered Red Elk’s call and, once the intent was understood, quickly grabbed his 

tape recorder so that we could share the following information and dialog with you.

Is it timely? That’s a matter of personal value within the Larger Play that’s rapidly 

picking up speed. It seems that teachers from all directions are being urged to step 

forth and do their part to help guide those who are awakening to an awareness of 

the Cleansing Spirit moving ever more surely over planet Earth. As Red Elk says, 
conditions shall be such as to encourage all of like mind to work together toward the 

renewal of Mother Earth—for all our relations.

1/22/03 RED ELK (Website:

What I’d like to say, if at all possible, is to the people: The line IS drawn. Capitalize 
IS. There will be no more fence-straddling. You’re either going to be for Good, or 

for self. Basically, we’ve only got about 2½ years before war comes to our 

shores, and WE lose. But it won’t be a total loss.

The Great Hand of the Creator will slap-down on the foreign armies that occupy the 

USA. It will slap-down three times, and every foreign personnel who are connected 

with taking us over will flee. But, nevertheless, war is due. There will be a M7.2 
earthquake on the West Coast. Somewhere rolling in from the Portland, Oregon 


Now, I do not know if that’s Portland included, but from that particular area, up 

toward Washington. Date or year unknown, but it will be early on a beautiful 

Spring morning. Mount St. Helens will blow again, going through the lava tubes, 

wiping-out Cougar, Washington—going towards Portland. I don’t know if the 
winds catch it before or after, and then blow it along the coast, and inland again, 

East, as before. Time and date and year unknown—but it will be. It will be as


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