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Back in 1976 when I started on this spiritual path at age 21, I spoke to an old 
preacher. I asked him what I should do. He simply said, "Simplify your life" That 

was the best advice anyone ever gave anyone, but I did not take his advice at that 

time. I was too busy playing music for a living, then later I became too busy 
finishing University, then too busy getting married, buying homes, etc. etc.

Then in 1981, I became aware that time was short. I was taught by my parents that 
we were in "The Last Days, but I really began to "take a look" at how prophecy was 

being fulfilled.

Twenty-three years later in 2004, I know that the Creator is keeping his word and 
speaking to his servants the prophets... moving among both native and non-native 

people, telling them there is a way out of our predicament... a way that will offer us 

His protection from all threats... If we will just do a few simple things... but therein 
lies the problem: as we don't want to let go of our high-tech lifestyles. Just like the 

children of Israel had to do to be healed of the bites of fiery serpents by looking at 

the Caduceus, all we have to do is take a quick look!

I now know that a few simple steps will allow us to be kept "Like stall-fed calves" as 

the Bible puts it. with all our needs very carefully taken care of by the Master.

Malachi 4: 2... But to you who fear My name, The Sun of Righteousness shall arise, 

With healing in His wings; And you shall go out, And grow fat like stall-fed calves. 

Read APPENDIX 1: Concerning "Christian and Essene Common Features"


Red Elk (Honorary member of the Cherokee Twisted hair Society and a member of 

he Inner Heyoka Society) says that it you obey Creator's will now, the amount of


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