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But in these ends times, because of the bleak prospects for our survival in them, we 

ONLY intend to show that the "All Things Common" way of life can be 
duplicated... no, MUST be duplicated in these "end times" if small groups of people, 

which we shall call "dominions," are to survive the "end times" without great 

suffering. We will show that if "All Things Common" is lived to its fullest, we need 
not worry about much of anything other than: 1. The formation of a committed 

group of people with high character in a rural area, who have a strong belief in a 

Supreme Being. 2. Construction of a storehouse and another storehouse for the 

poor. and 3. The bringing in of tithes and offerings to these storehouses.


If you read between the lines, you will see that apparently even the Lord of Hosts 

requires a little privacy sometimes... a place for us to TEST him. Remember, he 
says, "and prove me now herewith." Simply put, you will need a place for all His 

blessings to be materialized in. I don’t know about you, but I would not mind seeing 

the "windows of heaven" and blessings poured out! The promise is there, and it still

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