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Many people have supposedly debunked to Book of Mormon by comparing it with 
sources of information already published in the 1820s (click here) but none has 

successfully shown how in the world the translators of the Book of Mormon could 

have known what was NOT discovered by scientists until much later in that 

Ten Biblical Proofs of the Book of Mormon was written a Baptist preacher. (click 


Is the Book of Mormon really an ancient book? (click here) 

Communism (click here)

A Neglected Source (click here)


The recipe for the church offered in Acts follows Peter’s big sermon to the 

thousands who had gathered on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was 
given. In the aftermath of such a spectacle it was probably wise to get practical. His 

sermon was so inspiring that 3000 people were baptized in one day. It was a mass 

conversion apparently demonstrating God’s faithfulness. This group becomes the 

beginning of the church and our text begins with their first acts saying, "they 
devoted themselves to the Apostle’s teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of 

bread and the prayers." These four simple tasks were the nuts and bolts, the first 

signs of becoming the church. It is awesome to think that we are here as inheritors 
of these traditions and that they continue to grow in and through us. Source: All 

Things in Common, by Adam Blons

The "All Things Common" lifeway is supposed to be a "caring and sharing" way of 

life -- supposedly more familiar to the American Indians of today who still speak of 

it fondly--because Native peoples feel they "lived" much of this way of life 500 years 

ago here in the Americas. It is a way very close to their hearts. This is opposed to the 
followers of Jesus of Nazareth (who have become so materialistic as to use any 

pretext in order to separate Indians from their lands) who reportedly lived it only 

briefly about 1969 years ago in Jerusalem.

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