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Mind you, I am not arguing pro or con for ANY church, or schism of any church 

associated with belief in the Book of Mormon, because all of them have either added 

to, or subtracted from the teachings of the Book of Mormon, which supposedly 

contained a VERY simple message called the "Fullness of the Gospel." Since it's 
publication in 1830, most Book of Mormon believers have gotten involved in 

ceremonies and practices and doctrines and dogma directly opposed to the theology 

contained in the Book of Mormon. My only wish is to reap the most valuable pearls 
from these or any scriptures which discuss "All Things Common."

Only because your physical survival may depend on the conclusion YOU come to 
regarding the truth or untruth of the Book of Mormon do I offer a LOT of 

information in this book in defense of the Book of Mormon... and this is only 

because of the amount of negative information available that supposedly debunks 

the Book of Mormon.

If you reviewed the evidence I have provided in this book, and did a lot of other 

research on your own perhaps, (as if your life depended on it, and it may) -- I think 
you would eventually agree with two statements: 1. If the Book of Mormon was put 

on trial today in an American court of law (and the more time that goes by, the 

harder the evidence becomes) that would find the Book of Mormon innocent of any 
charges of fraud, beyond the shadow of a doubt. 2. But sad to say, if Joseph Smith, 

the "founder" of the Mormon religion(s) and all its schisms were put on trial today, 

he would surely be found guilty if all the evidence against him were heard by a 

reasonable groups of minds. For example, his "second elder," Oliver Cowdery, (who 
was to be equal to Smith in every way) and the first several other original church 

historians, were personally kicked out of the church by Joseph Smith because they 

"called him" on preaching one thing and doing another. Joseph then personally 
rewrote the history of the church, and Brigham Young later announced publicly 

“We are rewriting the history of the Church.”.

According to available records you may study even today, Joseph Smith was 

instructed to have one gift and one gift only, and that was simply to translate the 

Book of Mormon with the tools provided with the golden plates, period! He was 

never to claim to be a "prophet," much less a "seer" or a "revelator." He was never 
to start a church that was organized under man's laws. He was told by the Lord to 

stop doing these things, and eventually, he was told the church was under 

condemnation, and it still is today. Eventually, Joseph Smith had people who 
disagreed with him murdered. See Oliver Cowdery's (Joseph Smith's second elder) 

testimony at

People back in the 1830s with their narrow mind-sets and tendency towards 

following blindly were just NOT ready for the Book of Mormon, but I believe they 

are ready today for an unbiased second look.

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