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Wallace "Mad Bear" Anderson, "I am Mad Bear Anderson, and I 'walked west' in 
Founder of the American 1985. Doug Boyd wrote a book about me, Mad Bear, 

Indian Unity Movement
that you might wanna read. Anyhow, back in the 50s 
and 60s I traveled all over the Western hemisphere as a 

merchant seaman, and made contacts that eventually 

led to this current Indian Unity Movement. I always 
wanted to write a book like this, comparing prophecies 

from all over the world. The elders have always been so 
worried that the people of the world would wake up too 

late to be ready for the events that will be happening in 
the last days, what the Hopi friends call "Purification 

Day." Thanks for financially supporting this lifesaving 
Thank You...
work by purchasing this e-book."

Our website is translated into many different languages 
by machine translation, which is only 55% accurate, 

and not reliable enough to transmit the actual meaning 
of these prophecies. So, please help fulfill the prophecy 

made by the Six Nations Iroquois Lord of the 
Confederacy or Sachem Wallace "Mad Bear" 

Anderson -- Medicine Man to the Tuscaroras, and 
founder of the modern Indian Unity Movement -- by 

further supporting the actual human translation of 

these worldwide prophecy comparisons into all possible 
languages by making a donation, or by purchasing 

Book #2. For details see

Mad Bear said, "You know, there was something else I 
was thinking about," he went on. "We ought to make a 

little trip there to Virginia Beach, to the Edgar Cayce 
people. I've read up on all those Cayce readings, 

especially the prophecies. I've got copies of a lot of that 
stuff. And Nostradamus, too. Did you ever read up on 

the prophecies of Nostradamus? What somebody ought 

to do someday pretty quick is go all across this country 
- the world, really - and make a study of all the 
The White Roots of Peace
prophets, what they had to say. I bet a comparison of 
all their prophecies related to these next few decades 

see: The Tree of Peace
would be an amazing thing. You'd think someone 
would jump at the chance to fund something like that. I 

New World Symbol of Freedom
mean, that'd be worth something. But then there'd be 
many who wouldn't know how to use it. Maybe they'd 

The White Pine is a native American get more passive instead of more active. Like I've been 
symbol of powerful and timely ideas 
saying all along, most people get confused between 
about human relations and social foresight and fate." Source: Mad Bear (c) 1974 Doug 
order about the alignment of Human 
Boyd, Simon and Schuster
Law with Spiritual Law and Natural 


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