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One of these accounts of "All Things Common," in the Holy Bible, is more widely 

accepted than the other in the Book of Mormon, and the less accepted Book of 

Mormon account is more detailed... but the two accounts together make a better 
picture than just one account alone once the clues are put together.

These accounts are recorded 1. in the Holy Bible, describing events after the Day of 

Pentecost--in Jerusalem, and 2. in the Book of Mormon, which describes events 
after Jesus' visit to the Americas. Miracles attend the "All Things Common" way of 

life when lived to its fullest, and it is these miraculous events we should seek if we 

wish to survive on a this physical plane after the upheavals that are predicted to 
occur soon.

Like General Patton used to say, "It doesn't take any brains to be uncomfortable."

Let me hasten to say that this book is not a tract for any of the churches that sprang 

up in the "restoration movement" that followed the publication of "The Book of 

Mormon" in 1830 because, protestations of these church's apologists 
notwithstanding, a close reading of the Book of Mormon will show that none of 

these churches have hit the mark as set forth in the book of Mormon, because of 

many reasons, first and foremost being that the Book of Mormon, after its 
translation and publication, was supposed to be given directly to the American 

Indians, and they were supposed to build up the Church of Christ, the only valid 

name given in the Book of Mormon. The best evidence of this can be found at

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