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The Vogt hand petroglyph from Monroe 
County, Illinois, American Bottom.

Also, in this book, we will include a report of a group of Native American Indian 

peoples in the western hemisphere who were reportedly visited by Jesus after his 

resurrection in Jerusalem, who were able to live the "All Things Common" way of 
life--successfully--for over 166 years.

Though Native American Indian peoples indeed seem to have practiced portions of 
the "All Things Common" lifeway--and certainly more recently than their 

European counterparts--there are only two written historical accounts that record 

the kinds of details we need in order to attempt to "reproduce the experiment" as a 

scientist would say. But just because Indians don't write everything down nice and 
tidily like Europeans do, this does not mean we will not listen to what the Hopi and 

Iroquois elders recommend, because their advice is a blueprint for creating an "All 

Things Common" community. On the contrary... the Hopi have kept their 
prophecies and "original set of instructions" as inviolate as the Jews have kept the 


From your reading of books #1 and #2, you now know that your chances of physical 

survival of the "end times" are certainly bleak... and seemingly, survival certainly 

would not happen not without a lot of suffering. BUT, there were those that escaped 

the Roman destructions of the Holy Land in 70 A.D., and there ARE scriptural 
promises of evasion and escape for the worthy in the latter days.

So we see it is indeed miracles that we must seek today in order to insure our own 
"end time" survival. Tall order, one might say! Let’s look into this seeming 

impossibility a little further before rejecting it out-of-hand.

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