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"All Things Common!" These words have inspired the worst, as well as the best 

behavior of the people of the world for the past 2000 years! They have inspired 
millions of good charitable deeds, but have also inspired millions of murders -- 

because of the "Great Delusion" spoken of in prophecy... a totalitarian counterfeit 

version of communalism know today as "Marxist/Leninist Communism."


Some might ask "What does living communally have to do with my eternal soul?"

We submit to you that you were sent to this mortal life to gain experience, and that 

living in this manner will develop persons with the highest form of spirituality. 

Given the possibility of great upheavals in the future, you must admit that if one 
wants to eat AFTER the coming upheavals, you will probably be given the 

opportunity to live communally -- one way or the other.

The ancient scriptures teach that the greatest blessings will be given to those who 
are not compelled by circumstances to live in this manner. In other words, if you 

DESIRE IN YOUR HEART to live in this manner, you will receive greater spiritual 

and temporal blessings. In other words, if you make preparations now, before the 
coming upheavals, you will reap the benefits.

If all this eBook does is to help its readers to prepare their minds for these 
possibilities, then it has fulfilled its mission.

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