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who heals broken bones, the guy who takes care of intestinal disorders—without all 

of them truly working together, no ONE is right.

They must unify!

Then the body has a great chance of being healed; otherwise, it’s just partially 

crippled. Right now the body is spastic. We must work together to make the body 
whole. Work TOGETHER, not against each other. None of this “mine is right, 

yours is wrong” attitude. And until they can do that, these who call others together 

to meet for praying for Mother Earth, and all that, but they still stay in their 
specialty and fight each other—how can they be so stubborn and yet claim to heal 

all?! They must accept every bit of each other’s little individual—or great—amount 

of work on the body. The nurse who gives the aspirin, she is very much needed. And 

so is the brain surgeon. No one is more important than the other. We must unite! 
Now, people world-wide are getting awfully antsy, scattered, frightened. As I said, 

it’s designed to be that way, so they can be controlled.


And they can’t do that without the total spiritual contact with our Creator. And that 
Creator is 100% real! They’ve got to reach that point of KNOWING! Make that 

Creator—however you call The Creator: He, She, Cosmos, Allah, God, whatever— 

make that one Daddy. Make Him REAL in your heart! Humanize Him to the point 

where you can run and jump on His lap, and hug Him. But do it with great respect; 
that’s what He wants. You are His thought! You are His child! You wouldn’t exist if 

He didn’t want you in the first place!

So make Him an approachable Daddy. Don’t keep Him at such a distance, pushed 

away with some kind of artificial reverence. Talk to Him in a respectful manner. 

But then, regard Him as you would your father, human father, who you love dearly. 
You want to go to Dad and give Him a hug. Or, you want to be able to say: “Dad, I 

don’t understand this or that; help me.” And if you’re in the wrong and don’t admit 

it, you’re going to get your butt spanked. He’s Dad! He wants you to grow up right! 

You might as well get up on His lap and apologize, and love Him, instead of 
standing out there in the doorway. Get in there and hug the Guy, this Great Being. 

He exists! Well, I’ve said my piece. A lot more than I intended to say. Take it down 

as you choose.

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