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that substance according to your own intentions. This is the great freedom that “God” 

put into the system when we became co-creators. This is the design of evolution: to give 

a species the power of gods.

“Ye are gods,” as Jesus said. This is coming true now, for the first time, on the physical 

level. Through the new understanding of nature – the atom, the gene, the brain, 

combined with your spiritual awareness of the universal field of intelligence and 

information out of which you are arising – you are gaining powers you used to attribute 

to gods. This is your greater purpose as a young Universal Human: to become a “god- 

like” Whole Being, transcending this phase of the creature human condition.

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As You Incarnate Your Universal Self, Your Body Becomes Ever More 

Responsive to Thought

As consciousness expands, bodies become more complex. From the amoeba to multi- 

cellular animals to amphibians, reptiles, mammals, apes, humans, great yogis and 

shamans, and now early Universal Humans, bodies have changed and are changing.

Become ever more aware, on the inner plane, of the consciousness that is creating your 

reality. Your Universal Self is taking dominion within you. You are becoming a Whole 

Being. As you learn more about how your body works, how your DNA functions, what 

causes disease, aging and even death, you are evolving beyond the animal/human 


You are becoming a “higher being.” What you projected onto your gods is your own 

developmental potential. As you incarnate as your Full Potential Self and, on the physical 

plane, become a member of a solar system species and then a galactic species, 

evolution will become ever more conscious. In the future, as a Universal Human, you will 

be as different from you now, as you are from the first pioneering fish that crawled out 

of the sea onto the barren and hostile planet before the biosphere was created. 

Evolution creates radical newness.

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As Essence, Activate the Spiritual Force of Your Universal Self

With the full power of intention, call forth this highest aspect of your being. Your 

Universal Self calls on the God Force to act as the agent of your conscious evolution.

Evolution proceeds ever more by choice than chance.

Ask clearly and boldly for your deepest heart’s desire. Coded in that desire is the 

blueprint of your evolutionary potential.

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